Student Council

As Per University Ordinance, the Institute forms a Student Council for each academic year.
Following are the office bearers:

Academic Year 2018-19  
President – Prachi Sahu – M Tech (EEE)
Vice President – Gopal Krishna Mohan – M Tech (CSE)
Secretary – Jatin Jain– B E (MECH)
Joint Secretary – Akash Dubey– B E (CSE)

Academic Year 2017-18  
President –Sachi Tiwary – M Tech (EEE)
Vice President – Shivam Pyasi – M Tech (MECH)
Secretary – Mohnish Deshmukh – B E (MECH)
Joint Secretary – Rima Banchore – B E (IT)

Academic Year 2016-17
President – Annu Reddy – B E (IT)
Vice President – Animesh Rajput (MECH)
Secretary – Tushar Verma (MEX)
Joint Secretary – Kamesh Soni (EEE)

Academic Year 2015-16 
President – Rahul Raikwar – B E (MEX)
Vice President – Manish Katakwar (MECH)
Secretary – Takeshwar Kumar Sahu (MECH)
Joint Secretary – Annu Reddy (IT)

Academic Year 2014-15 
President – Yogendra Pathak – B E (MECH)
Vice President – Rohit Kumar Pathak – B E (MECH)
Secretary – Aarti Rani Deheri – B E (CSE)
Joint Secretary – Harlin Singh – B E (MECH)

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