Stress Management

Guest Lecture on “Stress Management” was organized by E&Tc. Department on 3rd October, 2012 in Sambhaji Hall from 11.30AM to 1.00PM. The guests of the program was Mr.S.R.Bhattacharya, AGM (OHP), Bhilai Steel Plant, Bhilai Chhattisgarh.He is currently doing research on teenage suicide and emotional violence on women. Approximately 120 students of E&Tc. 3rdsemester and faculties of  E&Tc.Deptt.  attended the lecture. The programme commenced at 11.30AM by welcoming the eminent guest. The eminent guest focused on the importance of stress free life. Everyone’s life has its own meaning. It’s very precious and important.
Starting with the session, students were asked to make it a two way interaction session, which will make it a more beneficial for students. He asked us the question, why today there are so many cases of teenage suicides? What is the reason behind every individual’s behaviour? He then answered as. In today’s life, there is a lack of communication between parents and kids; this may be because parents are too busy in their professional life that they have no time for listening or sharing the daily routine of their kids.
Then coming to stress, he asked that how much time do we spend for ourselves? The answer is- no time, to which he explained that we are so much into noticing the other’s activities and busy in hectic life & responsibility that we do not take out 5 minutes for ourselves. We take stress of everything beginning from waking up in the morning till sleeping in the night. He enlightened us by saying that we have not got life to live a stressful life, but a happy and normal life which is totally tension free, and to live this type of life, one needs to spend time for himself and avoid every type of stress making the life a worth.
 He informed us that. In India, 86% of female are under more stress than males. This may be because of all the boundations and restrictions on females in India. They are blamed for anything and everything, which makes their life more stressful. Coming to reason for stress, which is responsible for stress? Is society responsible, or culture or generation gap or situations? Actually 96% of time individual is responsible for stress and to some extent is the culture is responsible. 
There is always a reason on how we react; it depends on 4 F’s which are- Fight, Flight, Fake and Fold. These all make us welcome stress and all these 4 F’s comes from the behaviour of the individual. The research shows that we develop our mental ability between the age of 1-7 years, and if the circumstances under which the child is grown up are not good or stressful, the child develops a negative attitude and a mental stability full of stress, and these types of child always have lack of confidence and decision making power.
The personality of a person describes everything. Personality is nothing but the behaviour of an individual towards something. It’s a long chain which describes behaviour the best. Behaviour comes from attitude, attitude comes from intensions, intensions comes from belief, belief comes from value system, ethics, moral, culture and environment, and these all directly or indirectly depends on the upbringing of an individual.
We criticise others because we want everyone to act according to us, but why should somebody act according to us. This makes us to criticise others as we donot want to discover ourselves ina better way and improve ourselves to the best, and by avoiding this, we just degrade ourselves. If we are not happy, how the surroundings will be happy and stress free. So we should break all boundations and live a happy and a tension free life because if we can’t accept society, then we can’t be accepted by society. Understanding and recognizing others feelings is essential to  have a worth life. Every individual needs a soothing effect, so we should try and make ourselves adjustable, compromisable, flexible, understanding in every circumstance.
The programme was Co-ordinated by Mr. Mangal Singh, Mr. MaheedharDubey, Mr.TomeshVerma & Ms. Suchita Chatterjee. We look forward to organize such lectures in future too as guest lectures give better understanding of life to students & staff and update their knowledge. 
                 We would like to thanks the  CSIT Management & E&Tc. Department for organizing such a wonderful session and request that such inspiring lectures be organized more frequently.
Reported By: MaheedharDubey,  Assistant Professor (E&Tc.Deptt.)

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