Rules of Traffic on road

Guest Lecture on “Rules of Traffic on road” was Organized by E&Tc. Department on 8th September, 2012 in Ramanujam Hall from 12.30PM to 2.30PM. The guests of the program was Mr. C. Dinkar, Traffic Education Instructor from Traffic  Awareness Training Academy, Police control Room, Sector 6- Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. Approximately 120 students of E&Tc. 5thsemester and faculties of  E&Tc.Deptt.  attended the lecture. The programme commenced at 12.30PM by welcoming the eminent guest. The eminent guest focused on the importance of safety in life. Everyone’s life has its own meaning. It’s very precious and important. He added some of the proverbs, like –“Love yourself first, then love others.”
He included that No Teacher, No Doctor; No Police can take your care better than yourself. He also told us to be a strong person in life and a good observer of everything around our self. Be strong enough to fight with our self and increase our capability to do anything. Do not underestimate our self, and mentally be fit enough. Because “A sound mind can only make a sound body”. Also intelligence is much important than qualifications, so be alert. Valuable time should be spent to analysize our self- our strength, our weakness and overcome our shortcomings and to be a good human being.
One part of the session was especially for the safety of girls, where some tips were given to girls as to how to move on the road confidently, defend themselves. If anyone is creating a problem for them, they should be capable of creating a psychological fear in mind of the person against them.
Further regarding to traffic rules and road accidents, he create awareness about the number of accidents taking place in India per year. There are around two lacks accidents taking place every year, out of which 1.60 lacks are beared by pedestrians. Also he acknowledges us with the fact that the core days of accidents in India are 31st Dec and on the occasion of New Year.
Last year, on 31st Dec 2011, around 644 youngsters died in India, that too in the short time duration of 11:15pm-12:10am. He advised us to follow the traffic rules very strictly, follow the traffic signal signs and always allow the three important vehicles to pass first, which are Ambulance, Fire Brigade and Funeral vehicle.
“Drive safely” was his next important concern. Always wear helmet, strictly adhere to the Indian speed limit of 20-40km/hr. Never blow horn for animals, maintain sufficient gap between vehicles as much as possible. Never overtake while you are crossing fly-over’s, railway gate, bridges, and tunnels. Other major instructions were ‘Do not drink and drive’, and do not use mobile phones while driving.
He also enlightened about increasing rate of crimes in India. Advised us to be safe and protect our self. He also informed us about cyber crimes and ATM crimes. So usage of ATM should be done properly. On personal level, he advised us Love your parents, respect them, do not trouble them for your luxuries and benefits because “Mother makes Man, tailor and barber makes Gentleman. “
Lastly, he encouraged us to be good observer, good listener, and good human being because “Silence is the Universal language.” Life is precious. Love yourself and love the world and live life beautifully and safely.
The programme was Co-ordinated by Mr. Mangal Singh, Mr. Maheedhar Dubey, Mr. Tomesh Verma & Mr. Ajay Roy. We look forward to organize such lectures in future too as guest lectures give better understanding of life to students & staff and update their knowledge. 
                 We would like to thanks the  CSIT Management & E&Tc. Department for organizing such a wonderful session and request that such inspiring lectures be organized more frequently.
Reported By: Maheedhar Dubey,  Assistant Professor (E&Tc.Deptt.)

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