Robotics Cell



Students always look for a break from the rigid discipline of campus life and study schedules and they look forward to something that is beyond their curriculum yet it is useful in their studies and career building. To add that excitement in Engineering & Technology CSIT has embarked on a new kind of initiative to set up a ‘Robotics Lab’, at Robotics Lab we offer exciting learning opportunities in Robotics to the engineering students who are interested in adding Robotic skills so that they may be well versed with recent technical advancements in robotics while pursuing technical education. 


Robot Laboratory was established with the aim to become a strategic base for creating a next-generation robotics industrial cluster in Chhattisgarh region. The objectives of this unique centre are:

  • To provide an opportunity for Engineering students and novices.
  • To introduce more fun based elements in education, besides introducing certain high technology concepts such as sensors, motors and programming.
  • To build an innate interest in students to build robots.
  • To introduce them to basic skills in engineering and electronics.
  • To introduce a programmable modular robotics system as a design conceptualization and rapid prototyping tool for the design, fashion and engineering communities.


  • RAW members built Mobile Operated Land Rower Line Follower Robot with the facility to follow both black and white lines.
  • Workshop on Legged Robotics for 2nd semester students.
  • Workshop on Swarm Robotics for 4th and 6th semester students.
  • Members manufactured 6 DOF Robot under Research and Development Consultancy Cell.
  • Institute organised LAQSHYA’15Annual Techno Management Fest in assocaition with RAW in Motion from 27th& 28th March 2014.
  • Members of RAW club participated in various National & International Robotics Competition
  • The club has manufactured various equipments which were supplied in various near by colleges.
  • Robots manufactured under the club have participated & won various prizes in Tech-Fest.
  • The RAW club organised a workshop for First Year students to give them information about Laqshya’15- Annual Techno Management Fest.


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