Students Association of Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering i.e. Council of Motivated Electronic Talents (COMET), CSIT, Durg organized the finale of musical competition RHYTHM’15 on Saturday, 26thSeptember 2015 for giving a platform to the musical talents of CSIT so that they can participate & compete in a healthy environment & explore their talents. The event was of three days and was not only a musical gala but also a tradition followed which emphasizes on the fact that CSIT not only respects academic prosperity but also gives sparkling opportunities to the talented youth to show their talents.

In Rhythm’15 there weretotal 75entries for the competition, and the audition was held on 23/9/2015, 24/09/2015 and 26/09/2015, from where14students were selected for final round of song competition and 4 for the instrument playing and 3 for the duet song.The finale of RHYTHM’15 was started with the garlanding ceremony of goddess SaraswatibyMr. O. P. Yadav, Head Department of Computer Science Engineering, Mr. Rajesh Verma, Registrar, and Mr. Rajeev Nair, CRM, CSIT, Durg along with the judges. Moving further all the dignitaries & judges were welcomed. The event was judged by Dr. Amit Agrawal, Professor and Head, Department of Electronics and TelecommunicationEngineering, Mr. Santosh Sharma, Professor and Head,Department of Mechanical Engineering, Mr.Mangal Singh, Professor, Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, and Dr. Chandrashekhar Sharma, Head Communication English, CSIT, Durg.
All the faculties of the ETC Department also joined the event for motivating the organizers and the participants. The Program started with the college band (Blue Ballad) performance. The program continued with the heart throbbing performances of the students. Further the program moved to its full fledge mode with the melodious songs along with songs various instruments like guitar, flute and table were played by the studentswhich mesmerizedthe audiences.
There were 3 winners in the Song category,2 winners in the Instrument Playing category and 1 winner from the category of Duet Song. Winners of singing category were Sandeep Day, MECH., 5thSemester, he bagged the first price. First runner-up was AparnaSen, IT, 5th Semester& Second Runner up was Shashikant Pandey, ETC, 7th Semester.In instrument playing the first price was won byPrashant Pandey, ETC, 5thsemester,First runner-up was Prashant Pandey, ETC, 5th semester. In Duet Song category the first price was won byAparnaSen, IT, 5th Semester and Harsh Pandwar, ETC, 7th Semester. The Program came to an end with the price distribution Ceremony by the judges.

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