Primary treatment to preserve life

Guest Lecture on “Primary treatment to preserve life” was organized by E&Tc. Department on 6th October, 2012 in Ramanujam Hall from 11.30AM to 1.00PM. The guest of the program was Dr.Ashok Tripathi & Dr. Anil Karnawat, Raipur, Chhattisgarh. Approximately 120 students of E&Tc. 5th semester and faculties of  E&Tc.Deptt.  attended the lecture. The programme commenced at 11.30AM by welcoming the eminent guests. The eminent guests focused on the importance of safety in life
The lecture was basically focused on CPR, i.e, Cardio Pulmonary Resucitation. This is a process by which the breathing and heartbeat of an ill person can be retrieve. It was explained that if the brain does not gets oxygen for 10 seconds, it dies. So it is very necessary to continuously provide oxygen and blood to brain which is done by breathing and beating of heart.
If a person has got an attack of cardiac arrest, then for confirmation and helping the person, we should look for absence of pulse on carotid arteries and respiratory arrest. Now, to regain the heartbeat and breathing process, one should check for responsiveness, call for help, ensure the open airway and check for presence of spontaneous respiration.
The 3 main stages of resuscitation that should be followed are CAB, which means, cardiac compression, airway and breathing. These steps should be followed in sequence. The demo was shown to students on dummy for cardiac compression and mouth to mouth breathing. The cardiac compression and mouth to mouth breathing should be given to patient at 30 is to 2 ratio, at a rate of 100 compressions per minute. The students were allowed to try it so that they can understand the process in a better way.
After this, some tips regarding to heart attack and blood pressure were given to students. Some tips for identification of heart attack is cold sweating. Also, if a person has a very high blood pressure, then person should be admitted to hospital as soon as possible.
This whole lecture was very beneficial and knowledgeable. Since, life is very precious, so it should be preserved.
The programme was Co-ordinated by Mr. Mangal Singh, Mr.MaheedharDubey & Mr.TomeshVerma. We look forward to organize such lectures in future too as guest lectures give better understanding of life to students & staff and update their knowledge.
                 We would like to thanks the  CSIT Management & E&Tc. Department for organizing such a wonderful session and request that such inspiring lectures be organized more frequently.
Reported By: MaheedharDubey, Assistant Professor (E&Tc.Deptt.)

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