Physics Department aims to impart quality educationto the students and to enable them to appreciate that Physics is the fountain head of all engg. Sciences.Applied Physics syllabus  has been designed in such a way  that it provides the student the fundamental knowledge of all engg .disciplines.The department has state of art laboratory which enables student to understand the applied aspect of Physics. The department is having highly qualified, hardworking and dedicated faculty members who are involved in the overall grooming of the student and research and development activities of the department.


The vision of Physics Department is to make students understand the basic concept of science. To make students aware of Global challenges emphasizing on the development of a sustainable and inclusive technology.


1. The mission of the department is to provide quality scientific and technical education.
2. To feed the engineers with the fiver aspect of science, to help them understand, innovate and thereby contribute to the upliftment of the society.
3. To give hands on experiences on various experiments.

Upon completion of the course the students will be able to
C112.1 : Recall, explain theory of relativity, co-relate energy ,momentum and apply the concept to analyze Global positioning system & satellite  (Level 1,2,3,4)
C112.2 : interpret nuclear energy as a popular way of generating electricity like nuclear reactor and identify new elementary particle (level 1,2)
C112.3 : Explain cardinal points of coaxial system of thin lenses, equivalent focal length, properties of cardinal points and contrast eye piece      (Ramsden&Hygen`s) (Level 1,4)
C112.4 : Summarize the  acoustic effects  in designing of acoustically good building (level 1,2)
C112.5 : Interpret Interferences by division of amplitude, division of wave front and analyze by Newton's rings, Fresnel's bi prism method. (Level 1,2,4)
C112.6 : Define Principle of laser, classify laser and explain basic concepts of Holography, optical fibers. (Level 1,2)

S. No. Date Event Details Link
1 28 Feb 2018 National Science Day Details of National Science Day

Dr. (Mrs.) RenuTripathi
Professor  & HEAD
[Dept. of Engineering Physics]
M.Sc. [Physics], Ph.D. [Kanpur University]
Specialization: Solid State Physics
Senior Research Fellow,C.S.I.R,NEW Delhi
[Teaching & Research]
Experience: 24 Years

Email : Mail...renureipathi [at] (renureipathi [at]

Mrs. Sumita Sengupta
Sr. Assistant Professor
[Dept. of Engineering Physics]
M.Sc.[Physics(RSU, Raipur)], M.Phil [Physics]
Ph.D. [Pursing (CSVTU, Bhilai)]

Experience: 15 Years
[Teaching & Research]
Mrs. Sachin H Dhawankar
Sr. Assistant Professor
[Dept. of Engineering Physics]
M.Sc., Ph.D. [Pursing (R.T.M Nagpur University, Nagpur)]

Experience: 14 Years
[Teaching & Research
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