Photography Club

For some Photography is knack, for some it’s passion and for some its profession. Photographs are the best mean to capture reminiscences and if taken with exactitude it becomes treasure. We at CSIT give chance to nascent technocrats not only to enhance their technical knoweldge but also platform to work on their passions. The Photography Club came into existence in 2011 and all the students with zeal to do something unique with each moment captured can become its member.


  • To give a platform to students enhance their skills.
  • To give platform to departmental students to become part of club.
  • To capture memorable moments in unique way.
  • To organise workshops on photography skills.



  • Photographs of  I-Click Members were inaugurated by Dr. B. V. A. Rao on 27th April 2015.
  • The photographs clicked by the members are exhibited in CSIT.
  • It is the responsibility of  I-Click members to capture the moments during various Departmental & College events and activities.
  • The members of the club participated in the workshop on “Studio Lightening” organised by Mr. Hari Maheedhar at Durg.
  • Regularly workshops are organised by Experts.



  • Roshan Ahuja won first prize in Laqshya’15 under “Face of Laqshya”.
  • Roshan Ahuja won Special Prize in Laqshya’15 under “Face of Laqshya”.
  • Abhas Dubey photographs taken during the Live Concert of India’s Raw Star Deepti Sharma at CSIT, Durg were appreciated and is set as cover photo of his Facebook Page.
  • Suryanshu Vaishnaw photographs taken during the DJ Night of MTV Spitsvilla Queen Khushi Bhatt at CSIT, Durg were appreciated and his photos were selected for her Facebook Page.
  • Tejasvi Ghirrey photographs taken during the Live Concert of  India’s Raw Star Darshan Rawal at CSIT, Durg were appreciated and his photos were selected for his own website.
  • Akanksha Chourasiya, Devendra Limja, Suparna Dutta and Rajat Sharma member of I-Click has captured good moments during Laqshya, Live Concert and DJ Night were appreciated by all celebreties and some of their selected photographs were posted in their Website and Facebook Page.

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