My Vision My Voice

The Association of Computer Engineers (ACE) organized an event My Vision My Voice (Competition of Speech, Debate and Extempore) on October 13, 2015 at Sir Visvesvaraya Hall (G2) from 2:00 pm onwards.

Anchors Deeksha Shirke (Joint Secretary ACE CSE 5th Semester) and Priya Dubey (Active Member CSE 3rd Semester) started the event by calling Dr. N.T.Khobragade Dean (Academics) along with Dr. Mrs. Renu Tripathi HOD (Engg. Physics) and Er. Om Prakash Yadav HOD (CSE) for the lamp lightening ceremony and Saraswati Vandana. Anchors told the event consists of three sub-categories i.e. Speech, Debate and Extempore. Anchors briefly narrated the general rules and regulations of the Speech, Debate and Extempore respectively. Speech, Debate was in both languages English and Hindi while the Extempore was compulsorily in English. The competition consisted of single round and the winners of the event would represent CSIT in the Youth Fest of the University (CSVTU).

Speech Category (English) of the event started with its 1st contestant Faizal Hussain of Mechanical Engineering 3rd Semester on the topic of speech “Vision India 2050” , how we can visualize India in 2050 giving reference of Late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s “Vision India 2020”. After his speech, anchors called out the participant of the competition, Sourabh Chandrakar of EEE 5th Semester. He explained Vision & Imagination, then started with the topic of the speech, arose the topic of Reservation which would affect the Vision India. Upon conclusion of his oration he was given applause by the audience.

After the speech by Tejaswita, the anchors called upon Dr. N.T. Khobragade Dean (Academics) CSIT, Durg to share his views on Vision India 2050, he mentioned all the pros and cons of the scenario of India in past, present and what would be the possible future, deficiencies, and wrongness in the country which affects it’s growth and development, stressed on Literacy through which these deficiencies can be removed, also gave a small account on corruption.

After Dean Sir’s valuable words was the turn of Speech in Hindi, Neeraj Sen of EEE 5th Semester delivered the speech in Hindi, dealt with the topics of discussion for Vision India 2050.
After the speech round, round of Debate (English) started with its 1st contestant Richa Sharma of CSE 5th Semester spoke in for the motion supporting her points, covered each aspects of the topic. After this was the turn of Vrinda of CSE 5th Semester who was against the motion describing the negative aspects of Social media by supporting her views and concluded. The third participant of Debate (English) was Faizal Hussain of Mechanical Engineering 3rd Semester was Against the motion gave his opinion by making reference to Digital India in his support , mentioned the goodness of the Social media. Likewise all participants of Debate kept their views.

After this was turn of Extempore, 1st participant Apoorva Chandrakar of CSE 1st got the topic “Role of Indian talent in Digital India”, spoke about Digital India and emphasized on Indians who are outside India to make, contribute in Digital India.

The next participant was Sourabh Chandrakar of EEE 5th Semester, got the topic Virus, and explained the types of viruses and distinguished using his good sense of humor gave his opinions on topic.  Gajendra Sahu Mech 7th was the next one with the topic Cyber communication and Indian Ethics, dealt communication with Digitalization. Manish Mandhani Mech 7th was the next contestant, with the topic hacking, explained hacking with its types, also told about the positive and negative impacts. Like this all participants of extempore presented their ideas.

Anchors then called Er. Om Prakash Yadav HOD (CSE) to declare the results along with Dr. N.T. Khobragade to present gifts to the winners.

Results are as follows

SPEECH (English) First position was bagged by Tejaswita of IT 5th Sem.
SPEECH (Hindi) First position was secured by Neeraj Sen of EEE 5th Sem.
DEBATE (For (Eng)) First position – Richa Sharma of CSE 5th Sem.
DEBATE (Against (Eng)) Second Position – Vrinda of CSE 5th Sem.
DEBATE (Hindi)  First position – Kirti Kumar of EEE 7th Sem.

First position – Apoorv Chandrakar of CSE 1st Sem.

Second position – Sourabh Chandrakar of EEE 5th Sem.

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