Information Technology Awareness

The Computer Science and Engg Department has conducted a seminar on-“Information Technology Awareness” on 9th January-2016 from 11.30am to 2:30 pm in Swami Vivekananda Hall. Our host for the day were Tabinda Hayat(4thsem) and Pranay(8thsem) started the event by welcoming our Guest Ms. Pretty Evangelina,Hewlett Packard Enterprises(Tech Lead),New Zealand by presenting a bouquet by Nisha Vikhe(4thsem,CSE),our another guest was Mr. Geff Goldwin,Siluria Technologies(Staff Engineer),California.He was welcomed by presenting a bouquet by Pooja Singh (4thsem,CSE). We also welcomed our Dean,Dr. N.T. Khobragade by presenting a bouquet by Ayushi Verma(4thsem,CSE).

The program was started by National anthem. Around 300 (approx.) students were assembled for the seminar from various branches like CSE, IT, ETC, E&I, Mechatronics, Mechanical. HOD’s of various Departments were present, Ms. NeelamDewanganHOD(IT), Dr. YasmeenParvez HOD(Engg. Chemistry) and Dr. Mrs. RenuTripathiHOD(Engg. Physics).

 Ms. Pretty started the session by giving an introduction of her.The students were looking very excited for the seminar. She first interacted with the students by asking their name and their departments. Students from different department attended the seminar. She asked their aim, ambition and their fears. She also shared her experience when she was an engineering student.

She had prepared certain slides for the students and explained about each of them.Before starting with the slides, she asked a question that what actually happens in an IT company. A student from 6th sem,Tejaswita answered this question. Ms.Pretty briefed that how does it manages information the first slide was about the different fields in an IT company.
It has Customer relationship management,Database Management, Networking, Graphics, Quality, Business Project Management, Software Development and others.  She explained us about all these fields in detail that helped us to know about these fields.

She explained the students about what steps the students have to take while preparingfor Interviews and what problems do they face and how to tackle them.
She told that a company hires candidates that havegood aptitude skills,good communication skills,who are good at group discussions.The speaker was a positive thinker and also guided the students to be positive in any situation they face.

She said that the students should practice aptitude,they should communicate very well.Forpreparing for the group discussions they should be aware of the current affairs. By this, they would get tremendous knowledge about what is going on around them so that they can put forth their knowledge in front of others.

The candidates should be aware of their strengths and also their limitations,so that they can
work on their weaknesses and reduce them.She also said that they should able to highlight
their strengths that would complement their weakness and also build confidence and knowledge.The candidate must also remove negativity fromtheir answers while responding an interviewer during an interview.

She told that one of the most important question asked to the candidates by anInterviewer is that-“Why Should I Hire You??” To answer this question,she gave certain tips to the students,like they should read about the company so as to knowabout it.The candidate should show their interest towards their company.Thecandidate must learn from their situation.They should be able to put forth their talent in front of the interviewer. For the group discussion a candidate must prepare five points in positive and five points in negative of a topic, by reading newspapers or by reading articles.

The students were very eager to interact with our guest speaker so we conducted a question-answer round so that the students are able to get the answer of their queries.Many students asked about their difficulties,about what problems they face and asked her to give tips.She told that any companies that come to you first is a stepping stone for all of us so we should not miss it and we should grab the chance we get to putforth ourselves.

Another question round was held with Mr. Geff Goldwin    ,he guided the students about the procedure for further studies in abroad and what exams they have to face for further studies and how to prepare for these exams. Many students asked their queries for the same.
Feedback forms were provided to all the students,faculties and to our dignitaries to give their feedback about the whole session.All gave their details and the feedback in the forms.

Our guest speaker Ms. Pretty Evangelina thanked all the listeners for their patient listening and interaction with her.The students also thanked her for giving such an interactive and interesting session that gave them knowledge and guidance for preparing themselves for the campus.She praised the college’s infrastructure, students’ discipline,greenery& management.

At last,Mrs Deepty Dubey, HOD(CSE) gave her a vote of thanks andpresented her a memento & a brochure of CSIT,Durg as a sign of respect and thanks from whole CSIT family. 

The seminar was conducted in a smooth manner.

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