Industrial Visit at DEVBHOG, URLA, Raipur

In continuation to the efforts towards facilitating industrial exposure through Industry Visit for the students, Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering had organized the Visit to “DEVBHOG” on 7’th February,2018 .This tour aimed for giving an exposure of practical work life situation and of production unit to the budding young Engineering professionals. Students boarded the college bus and started from college campus at about 10.30 A.M. in an enjoying and excited mood and came back at 3.00 P.M. in the college campus with memorable and learning experience of the visit.

Mr. Deepak Sharma, Mr. Shashikant Agrawal and Mrs. Sapna Verma accompanied 39 students of 4’th, 6th and 8’th semester for the industrial visit. Students were welcomed by Mr. Chugh( AGM-Production). In his interaction with students he explained the technology involved in processing of milk through state of the art equipment. He also explained how technology integrates and completely automates all functions of milk processing and ensures high product quality, reliability and safety. During the visit, Students were given a brief introduction about the company by the Company Representative where they have been explained the production of milk products. The Procurement, standardization and distribution of milk to various outlets. The processes which are generally undertaken before the milk is packed into poly-bags and how loose milk better than milk in poly bags i.e. once the milk is received in the plant it goes through various laboratory tests to check for adulteration and whether there are any neutralizers. In the laboratory students were told about different methods to know the adulterations, fat percentage, and pH value of the milk before packaging. Only after the milk is found to be good, processing is accepted by the plant else rejected. He also told about the various processes conducted on the milk like Filtering, Humiliation, Standardization, and Pasteurization. We came to know about the process of automation & computerization of plant right from entry to exit of the milk. The procedure for the storage of the milk i.e. after the processing, milk is stored in 12 tanks with a capacity of 1 lakh liter each. The milk is boiled at a temperature of 74 0C immediately stored at a temperature of 30C. Then it is filled in the tanks and transported to various booths.
After that the students were taken for the visit of the plant and shown the processing area, tanks and how things are done automatically. Then students had also been given a firsthand exposure of the various processes of milk & milk products. Variety of Milk and ice-creams were offered to the students. Knowledge and fun were the ingredients of the day.

Prepared By
Shashikant Agrawal
Sr. Asst Professor & I/C Industrial Visit

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