Industrial Visit at Chhattisgarh Science Centre, Raipur

Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engg. CSIT Durg, Organized an industrial visit to Chhattisgarh Science Centre Raipur on 29th September, 2016. Total 22 students of  E&Tc, 5th semester, 12 Students of ETC-3’rd Sem  & 3 faculties (Mr. Deepak Sharma, Mr. N. K. Sahu and Mrs Sapna Verma) of the Deptt. visited the Chhattisgarh Science Centre Raipur. The Purpose of this visit was to develop their interest and Practical knowledge towards Science & Technology. This visit was Co-ordinated by Mr. Shashikant Agrawal, Industrial Visit In-charge.

On the ground floor in the entrance Chhattisgarh natural resources depicted different resources of Chhattisgarh with the help of models, statues and video clips.  The statutes of state bird that was pahadi maina and the state animal that is junglee bhaisa were placed after that a duplicate view of forest was also there. Chhattisgarh Science Centre divided in 4 gallery or section viz. Chhattisgarh Natural Resources, Water, Taramandal & Measurement Gallery.
First section was starting with a small forest model with voices of different animals and birds, then there was a model of kutumsar caves, they are the best known caves in India with honey combed structure, after that different types of stones and rocks found on C.G. lands, types of rice grown in C.G. as it is called the rice bowl of India are observed by the students. There were samples of incredible bastar art and music. The second section was Water Gallery, as we know water is life, so this gallery was consisting of different uses and disease caused by water and also a visualized view for saving rain water. The third section was Taramandal, it’s all about Stars Constellation, Sky and the Universe, and there were more such sections like physics section with amazing science facts and the last measuring section with all the measuring instruments. At the end a 3D video clip was shown to the students which was the most thrilling part, lastly everybody precede the park outside of the centre and enjoyed a lot.
Last but not the least; the trip was exceptionally good, knowledgeable & entertaining for all of us. We look forward to make such visits in future too as technical visits gives practical and better understanding of subjects to students and update their knowledge. We thank our CSIT management & E&Tc. Deptt.  for giving such a wonderful opportunity.

Prepared By:-
Shashikant Agrawal
Sr. Assistant Professor & Industrial Visit In-charge

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