Industrial Visit To Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL)

An Industrial visit to Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) ,Bhilai(Chhattisgarh)  was organized by Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engg., CSIT Durg on 30th January, 2014 & 31st January, 2014. Total 100 students of 6th Semester & 2 faculties of the Department attended the same. The purpose of this visit was to develop interest  among the students and  to enhance threir practical knowledge towards Communication Technology. This visit was arranged by Mr. Rajat K. Agrawal (Co-ordinator, Industry Institute Partnership Cell,CSIT Durg) & Co-ordinated by Mr. Maheedhar Dubey(Sr. Assistant Professor, Electronics and Telecommunication Engg.)  and  Ms. Anita Devi Tiwari (Assistant Professor, Electronics and Telecommunication Engg.) under the supervision of  Mr. Mangal Singh (Professor, Electronics and Telecommunication Engg.)

The visit started at 2’0 clock  in the afternoon and  students were first taken to the lecture about the communication system & types of communication system.Then they were taken to the museum of this office. The museum had all the antiques and old equipment related to telecommunications ever since the era of great scientist Graham Bell. The museum also had a copy of Graham Bell’s notebook of 10th march 1876, which contained the working of first telephone. They also explained the basics of switching system, classification of switching system, telegraphy, telex, telephone, rotary dial telephone,step-by-step switching, crossbar switching, electronic space division switching, point to point communication techniques,different types of cables i.e. co-axial cable,fibre optic cable etc. Thereafter, they explained the TDM and FDM techniques used in telecommunication.We also experienced the Strowger switching system used in telecommunication. We were able to see the different types of switches and the setups which were then used from that era to the setups which are used now.

Last but not the least; the trip was exceptionally good, knowledgeable for all of us. We look forward to make such visits in future too as technical visits gives practical and better understanding of subjects to students and update their knowledge. We thank our CSIT management & E&Tc. Deptt.  for giving such a wonderful opportunity.

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