A farewell ceremony was organized by the 3rd year student of computer science and engineering department, for the 4rth year student on the 17th of march 2013 at the shahid memorial hall of chhatrapati shivaji institute of technology. The honorable guests of the ceremony were Dr. Anurag Verma, Director of CSIT, Dr. Mahesh P, Principal CSIT and Dr. N. T. Khobragade, Dean CSIT.
The program started at 11:30 am with the candle lighting ceremony, where the candle was lit by  Mr. O.P. Yadav, HOD CSE dept. and the esteemed faculty members along with the  saraswati vandan sung by Miss D Tejaswi of 3rd year. Then two students of 3rd year Miss Sadiya Zabeen and Mr. Rakesh Ranjan on the behalf of all the students of CSE dept. continued the affairs of the ceremony. This was followed by the welcoming of the honorable guest with bouquet  by Mr.O P Yadav HOD CSE Dept, Miss Deepty Dubey and Mr. Bhupesh Dewangan, faculty CSE Dept. The function was addressed by Dr. Anurag Verma Director of CSIT, followed by Dr. Mahesh P Parappagouder Principal CSIT and Dr. N. T. Khobragade Dean CSIT. 
The speech by the guests was followed by a marvelous and funny dance performance by the group of girls from 3rd year called “ the special 16 “ for the entertainment of crowd.  The crowd was rolling on the floor laughing as the dance continued. After this dance performance, there was an interaction section with our Seniors as per the schedule.This was the moment for the seniors to share there feelings and experience with their juniors.
After the interaction section there was 2nd cultural event that was a melodious song sung by Ms. D. Tejaswi ( CSE- C / 6th sem). All the audience were mesmerized after listening the wonderful song.
Next event followed the Dance performance by a group of three girls Miss Archana Sahu &Miss Yogmaya Sahu of CSE-A/6th  Sem and Miss Saroj Vishwakarma of CSE-B/6th Sem .After the dance was finished ,the faculty members were requested to have the lunch followed by the lunch of Seniors.

A video of all the moments shared by the seniors in the CSIT was then played, which was made  Mr. Pushpendra Sarwa of CSE-A/6th Sem. Their story of adventure made all the eyes present there , soaked with tears both of joys and sadness of leaving the college. It was clearly seen in every seniors’ eyes that how much they will miss their College.
The final cultural event was the band performance by the final year students of the CSE  department. Their performance was so much rocking that everyone was jumping off their seats.
At the end of the ceremony the awards were distributed with the respected titles:-

Ms.Farewell Ms. Ankita Agrawal
Mr.Farewell Mr. Ameya Joshi
Best Disciplined student Mr. Pratap Singh
Best Techno Student Mr. Divyanshu Dhruva
Most Helping Senior Mr. Vinaysheel Gupta
Vice President Mr. Prashant Shukla
President Ms. Chanchal Jain
Best Dressed Male Mr. Nitesh Sonwani
Best Dressed Female Ms. Bhumika Chandrakar
Best Face In The Crowd Mr. P. William
Best Project

Programmers Keyboard


   Mr. Annim Banerjee

   Mr. Srijan Tiwari

   Mr. Rishab Sharma

Best Cultural Student Mr. Nitish Upadhayay

At the end, each senior was presented with a Memento as a Memorandum by all the Faculty members of the CSE department.

The whole event was successfully conducted under the supervision of Mr. Ajay Prakash Verma, Chairman CSIT and with the help of the students of 6th sem & department of Computer Science Engineering.

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