Guest Lecture of ‘Ms. Neha Chawla’

On 03-01-2018 a Guest lecture has been organized in CSIT, Durg in Vivekananda Hall. In this the extreme Guest was Ms. NehaChawla. She is pursuing MBA from HarvardBusiness School, Boston, MA and completed her Bachelor of Technology from IIT, Delhi in Mechanical Engineering. Apart with these she has the experience of as a Product Manager and has six years of experience in Unilever at different modules.

The session is very interesting as she shared her own experiences of the Corporate Sector and very well guided the students as—How to step up in the future to achieve your Goals/Target.
Some of the key points on which she has focused more are as follows:-

  • Check out your failures and work for those failure, especially on those aspects which has let you down to achieve your goal.
  • Be fearless and be humble to achieve success.
  • Proceed keenly for the way which you have chosen for your career and justify properly to your choice.
  • Be a good learner in every part of your life.
  • Take guidelines from your faculties/seniors as they have experienced the aspects of career.
  • Utilize all the resources which are present nearby surroundings, don’t ignore them.
  • Set your benchmark for achieving your Goals.
  • Do not compromise and don’t be sad for a failure, always be enthusiastic to stand and run for the new mission of your life.
  • Be passionate for your goals and objectives.
  • Always become greedy to achieve your dreams.
  • You have to become your own advocate to convince some one when necessary and try to give justice to your own needs.
  • Learn how to convince the people who are present nearby you or working with you so that they can help you in troubles.
  • Choose the people in your surroundings who will always motivate you.

The students learn how to focus on their dreams/goals and how they will be able to achieve their goals. The students have frequently asked some of the questions with Ms. Neha Ma’am. And she has equally replied very well to the queries of students. One of the questions asked is:-
How we will recall our studies/ technical knowledge in future while working in the industrial sector?
Always you might get in touch with all the latest technologies and developments of the field in which you are interested and this will help you to remind the technical studies and by this you will get attached with your background also.
Organizer of the guest lecture are Electronics &Telecommunication department in association with Information Technology department and Computer Science & Engineering department, in which all the students of CSIT from 4th, 6th and 8th semester are present.

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