Fresher’s Party (Amigo Fiesta 2017)

On 11August-2017, students of 5thsemester of Department of Electronic and Telecommunication organized a fresher’s party “Amigo Fiesta 17” for the students of 3rd Semester. The purpose of the fresher’s party was to make each fresher feel like an integral part of the family of ETC Department and to encourage their creative impulse which will help to boost their confidence. The event was an indication of union among the students.
The event was organized at Sambhaji Hall. The Invited dignitaries of the event were Mr. Ajay P. Verma Sir, Chairman CSIT Durg and Dr. Anurag Verma Sir, Director CSIT Durg. The party manifested youth and enthusiasm at its full flow. With pulsating ambience, flashing lights and foot tapping music, the party began with a blast at 11:30 AM.

At 11:35 AM the dignitaries were welcomed and the program kick-started with the lightening of ceremonial lamp. In the address of Dr. Anurag Verma Sir, the students of 5th semester were praised for organizing the event. He also appreciated the decorations and the arrangements made for the event.  In continuation, Dr. Deepak Singh, Professor and Head, Department of ETC, also mentioned the scope of Electronic in future and the worth of engineering with this branch. He welcomed the fresher’s in the department, he also mentioned that he will be accessible to all the students for academic activities and students can feel free to contact him for any academic needs.

Mr. Ajay Prakash Verma Sir joined the event and in his speech he welcomed the students and motivated them to participate in all activities of the College, he told students about ethics and discipline in their life which is guiding path to reach their goal.

The event was further continued with the showcase of amazing video clip made by the students of 5th semester to introduce their college life so far which can motivate the students of 3rd semester. In continuation a hilarious drama was played by the students of 3rd semester students showcasing the situation of study in some of the primary schools in rural areas. The event was further moved by a dazzling songs performance by a group of students from 3rd semester and with the interaction with juniors. All the participants were well dressed, conforming to the dress code and ready to perform. After a small break for lunch at 1:30 PM, the event continued with a small balloon game followed by the interaction of sessions and then the gift distribution was done to the the 3rd semester students. The gifts were distributed to the 3rd Semester students in presence of faculties Mr. Deepak Sharma, Mr. Shashikant Agrawal and Mr. Rahul Sinha. The Titles were then given to the students of 3rd semester, Mr. Shubham Kumar was selected as Mr. Fresher’s, and Ms. Semma Banjare as Miss. Fresher’s. Special gift was also given to Karan Kumar and Shifa Khan for best dressed.
The program concluded at 2:30 PM with the vote of thanks and everyone enjoyed the celebration. 3rd semester, students enjoyed the program that they could cherish lifelong. Department of ETC and Students thanks the management of CSIT to provide such a platform to organize this event.

Prof. Incharge                                    HOD ETC

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