Farewell party of Department Of E&Tc Engg

Students of 6th Semester of Department of E&Tc Engg. organized farewell party “Toodle Doo.. ‘ 13” for 8th Semester students on 25th March 2013, Monday at Shahid Memorial Hall.
Farewell is mean of offering respect to colleagues and to express well wishes for them. It is not just a party but a moment of starting hidden connection between the two, who are at far distance from each other. Students of 6th semester made this moment unforgettable for their beloved seniors. They started preparation right from the beginning of this session. Students contributed a handsome amount of money for the event. With preparation of eye-catching invitation cards, they showed their motives for this farewell party, for which they received huge appreciation.
Toodle Doo.. started with warm welcome of dignitaries and students. Mr. Mangal Singh, Head, Department of E&Tc Engg, Dr. Mahesh .P, Principal , CSIT and Dr. Anurag Verma, Director, CSIT lightened the ceremonial lamp. Mr. Deepak Sharma also accompanied them. After the inaugural ceremony Principal, CSIT and Director, CSIT shared their knowledge and guided the students for their future also they congratulated the 6th sem students for organizing farewell party  . Followed by  this Mr. Mangal Singh shared experiences , of his college days. In his views, he tried to explain importance of this day not only for guests but also for hosts. He mentioned how important is to be in contact with each other even after college days. He explained consequence of friends in life whose gap can never be filled.
After inaugural function, Rahul Dhali  presented a melodious  song. Followed by games session for seniors and again one thrilling dance performance by Anjali and group. Then the juniors  acknowledged  their  seniors with some titles . During  the title ceremony  Mr. Ajay P. Verma, Chairman, CSIT & Mr. Sanjay Singh, Head, TPC, joined the program. On special request Mr. Ajay Verma, got ready for sharing his thoughts. In his very motivational speech, he tried to tell students about the transition phase which they are going to face in their life. He informed them that from now onwards they are going to start their real life in which they will be having responsibilities of themselves, their families and of society, and in each and every walk of life they have to prove themselves. He lets them know that it is struggle for survival for the fittest. He invited them for any kind of help and support, which they would be requiring in future.  After this we had lunch.  And after lunch we had one more dance performance by anita and group. Final year student  Anurag Soni also gave his melodious performance.
Students moved on floor with renowned D.J. After non-stop D.J. session of 3 hours, with in a sudden complete moment become emotional. It was the time of end of the day and to realizing that it is the end of their college days. Students were found taking support of their friend’s shoulders with tears in eyes.
Seniors are overwhelmed by the treat given by their beloved juniors. In their words, they are lucky for having these juniors. They showered their love and offered help ,of any kind, to their juniors. Mr. Mangal Singh, Head, Deptt. of E&Tc, appreciated efforts taken by 6th semester students for their juniors. He appreciated student of 6th semester for getting united and planned for such a historical event.

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