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IThe department of information Technology was established with an intake of 60 students in 2008. This department has been functioning successfully since the inception with an objective of reinforcing the knowledge of student in the field of technology and to produce sagacious efficient and true professionals.  The Department’s main objective is to create and guide this big pool of intellectual resources available in our country in a most efficient manner to reap maximum benefit for the nation and individual.
An information Technology degree is one of the most aspired degrees today for both undergraduate and post graduate students. Information Technology can be used widely in all the sectors of the economy. It offers a bright future for the innovative and growth oriented students. Due to increasing demand for the information Technology professionals, it has become the most preferred career option all over the world. Information Technology can be applied in various sectors such as in banking, agriculture, health and medicine, railways, forensic science, police wireless and even in the education sector. It has emerged as the most powerful tool for all round development of the world today and has been recognized as driving force of the next century. Indian IT sector is booming and emerging steadily on top of the global information technology market.


  • Highly qualified and dedicated experienced faculty.
  • Guest lectures are conducted by the software company Experts.
  • Short term Courses are organized for the students to make them acquainted them with emerging software development approach.
  • Directed Study through research is implementation to improve the programming skill of the students.
  • Students guided for the development of Software as well as encouraged for participation in Seminars and workshop.
  • Well maintained departmental library furnished with all kinds of books.
  • Wi-Fi enabled campus
  • In- house Software Development for Institute usage.


.The Department has fully equipped state of art labs with Latest Software packages with Campus license from Microsoft systems with configuration of P IV 2.8 GHZ and 3GHz Dual core processor with 2GB and 4 GB RAM Few labs are Interface Design Lab , Software Development Lab , SQL and Data management Lab , R & D Lab .

Building Route of Information Technology[BRITE]

Building Route of Information Technology Engineers ‘BRITE’ is a student body of Information Technology department   The objective of BRITE is to provide a arena to cultivate  various technical and extracurricular activities like workshop and Guest lecture on numerous new technologies, Sports, Cultural events, etc. The Association’s  motto is to develop inner qualities of students in various fields according to their talent. This year association organized various activities such as Guest lecture, extracurricular activities as well as  organizes and conducts various program and activities.  Motto of   BRITE association is  overall development of student in all aspects  of life,  it teaches the student intra as well as inter group  communication and work culture.


  • Add on program on "JAVA Database connectivity" on  1st April to 5th April 2014
  • "Gradito" Fresher Party - a welcome Party for juniors on 30th Aug 2014.
  • Add on program on "Tips and tricks on C for competitive Exams"25th Sep to 29th Sep 2014.
  • Add on program on "Technical preparation on JAVA for campus recruitment" on 3rd Nov to 7th Nov 2014.
  • Inspiro'14 , A game of carom and chess on 20th Sep 2014 .
  • “Speech Competition” on31st October 2014.
  • "Prayatna" Painting & Rangoli Competition organized on 20th Feb 2015.
  • "Adios15" on 12th April 2015.

1.Project on Faculty Record Management System :

The Faculty Record Management System (FRMS) provides system-wide management information on faculty recruitment and promotion. The system maintains a database of faculties and their work schedule which is helpful in managerial and administrative contexts to use it in planning and decision-making on an institution-wide basis. Reports are produced by programs written in Java. Users of this system include the Institutional Office and higher management.

2.Project on Result Analysis System :

The project Result analysis System provides various facilities which include:
Provide faculty, staff and students with user-friendly, customizable, self-serve access to real-time data.
Build a foundation for student systems that can be easily expanded to include the eventual implementation of Admissions, Academics and Examination.

Create a single source for an integrated institute-wide data repository through the centralized Database for reporting and data analysis capabilities thus promoting information sharing across the institute.
Maintain a robust, reliable infrastructure for sustaining all institute services and supporting growth for new services.
Accurate conversion of data to ensure the integrity and maintain the confidence in administrative applications.

3.Project on Student Record Management System:

The Student Information System (SIS) provides system-wide management information on student enrolment and activity. The system establishes a database about students and course schedules information from which information can be retrieved, and used by the administrators for planning and decision-making on an institution-wide basis. Reports are produced by programs written in Java. Users include the Institutional Office and Admissions & Records.

4.Project on Management Information System :

Management information system (MIS) project is a system that will provide information needed to manage organizations efficiently and effectively. Management information systems involve three primary resources: technology, information, and people. The specific features of this system are that it provides employee information, salary record, work schedule, and responsibility shared at ease for faster decision making. The administrators can check the status of the work responsibilities of the employees.

5.Project on Financial Information System :

Financial MIS Provides financial information to all financial managers within an organization. It integrates financial & operational information from multiple sources. Financial MIS eases analysis by providing fast financial data. The primary functions of FIS include: Recording all financial transactions in general ledger accounts producing fiscal reports to meet up administration and statutory requirements controlling overall spending through budgetary controls embedded in the system producing institute fiscal statements.


S.No.. Date Activity Participants
1 3rd February, 2016 Industrial Visit  Report to Doordarshan Kendra (Prasar Bharti)


S.No. Date Name of Activity Number of Participants
1 12th April 2015 "Adios15"  
2 20th Feb 2015 "Prayatna" Painting & Rangoli Competition  


S.No. Date Name of Activity Participants
1 3rd Nov to 7th Nov 2014 Add on program on "Technical preparation on JAVA for campus recruitment"  
2 25th Sep to 29th Sep 2014 Add on program on "Tips and tricks on C for competitive Exams"  
3 20th Sep 2014 Inspiro'14 , A game of carom and chess  
4 30th Aug 2014 "Gradito" Fresher Party - a welcome Party for juniors  
5 1st April to 5th April 2014 Add on program on "JAVA Database connectivity"  
6 4th April, 2014 The Information Technology Department organized the farewell party ADIOS  


Date Name of Activity Participants
31st August 2013 Sports event named as “INSPIRO’13”, CHESS MAESTRO-2013, Strike and pocket-2013 more >>>>>
20 - 24th Feb 2013 Add on program on “Networking” from 20th Feb to 24th Feb 2013  
23rd Mar 2013 Farewell Party- “Adios” for seniors  
20th July, 2013 IT fresher party 2013 more >>>>


Date Name of Activity Participants
29th September, 2012 ANAY-12 more >>>>>
17th Sept. 2012 Add on program on “Software Application for Mobile Phone”  
02 Oct. 2012 GRADITO-12 more >>>>>


Date Name of Activity Participants
14 February Workshop on PHP Language 50
4 September Fresher’s Party 90


Date Name of Activity Participants
20 February Guess who?? Mystery face game 40
01 August Fresher’s Party 75
25 September Talent Hunt 44
27 September Guest Lecture:Entrepreneurship 74
07 October Guest Lecture:Work Culture 80


Date Name of Activity Participants
3 October Mirage:Painting Competition 50
Date  Name of the Speaker Duration  Topic of the Guest Lecture Number of the Students Branch
 27 September  Mr. Vikas Chandra Sahu  02 hrs.  Entrepreneurship  80  Information Technology
 07 October  Mr. O.P. Shukla  02 hrs.  Work Culture of BSP  80  Information Technology
Name : Ms Sonika Arora   
Designation: Professor
Areas of interest: VLSI Design, Basic Electronics, Analog Electronics, Digital Electronics
Digital Communication
Email: sonikaarora [at]
Contact No.: 0788-2229903(Off.), Ext. (175)
  Name : Ms. Neelam Dewangan
Designation: Assistant Professor & I/c HOD
Area of Interest : Wireless Communication, 4G, LTE, Cognitive radio, OFDM
Email : neelamdewangan [at]
Contact No. :0788-2229903 (Off.), Ext. (175)

Name : Sushant  Panigrahi
Designation: Assistant Professor
Areas of interest: Java,C,data Structure,Computer Networks
Email: sushantpanigrahi [at]
Contact No.: 0788-2320884  Ext. ()

Name : Mr. Bhupesh Kr. Pandey
Designation: Assistant Professor
Areas of interest: Computer Networks, Data Structure,Enterprise Resource Planning 
Email: bhupeshpandey [at]
Contact No.: 0788-2320884  Ext. ()
  Name: Ms. Preksha Verma
Designation : Assistan tProfessor
Area of Interest : Mobile Adhoc Networks, Mobile Computing
Email : prekshaverma [at]
Contact No. : 0788-2229903 (Off.), Ext. (175)
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