Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering


The department of Electronics and Telecommunication was established in 1999. The aim of the program is to promote the development and innovation in students that are needed to make significant advances in scientific and technological understanding, of electronic and telecommunication systems in the wider sense. It is concerned with applying knowledge in electronics to facilitate communication and solve engineering problems. The curriculum is organized such that it enables students to get a strong foundation on various aspects of electronics and communication engineering such as digital systems design, electromagnetic theory, digital signal processing, microprocessors and microcontrollers, electronic circuits, VLSI design, digital communication, analog communication, control engineering, and microwave engineering. The department possesses excellent infrastructure and eminent faculties. It also has a student’s association to promote extracurricular activities apart from studies to build up over all personality of students. The department endeavors to inculcate innovative skills & build up the confidence level of students for preparing them to face challenges of tomorrow.


  • Most of the faculty members are postgraduates with Master’s Degree in the respective discipline.
  • Dept. also has faculties who are awarded Phd.
  • Faculty members actively publish research papers on technical aspects in various national and international conferences and journals.
  • Eminent scholars / technocrats from reputed industries & research institute are invited to deliver expert lectures for the benefit of students.
  • Industrial Exposure is also [provided to students by organizing industrial visit at places like Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Mumbai.
  • Department organizes various national seminars and conferences for both the students and faculties.
  • Conducts social activities also to promote and develop a sense of social responsibility among students.
  • Well-equipped and fully furnished seminar hall with projector facility.
  • Renowned software and hardware companies are invited to conduct in-house short term courses on latest emerging technologies for students


The Department believes that to enhance the technical qualifications of a student, practical knowledge is very important for  which  the Dept. is equipped with Basic & Advanced Electronics Circuit,    Analog & Digital Electronics Circuit, Microprocessor and Interfaces, Electronics Workshop, Signal Processing Circuit,Analog&DigitalCommunication, Microwave and Optical Fiber Communication, Microcontroller and Embedded System, Electronics Simulation and Computer Laboratory which help students to learn things practically. 

Council Of Motivated Electronic Talents (COMET)
Right from its foundation, in the year 2003, the Student’s Association of Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering strives to advance the theory, practice, and application of technological advancements and maintains a high professional standard among its members. COMET promotes cooperation and exchange of technical information among its members, and to this end, holds various curricular, extracurricular, sports events to provide platform to groom the overall personality of its members.


  • "INNOVATION-18" -  A State level Project and Poster Presentation competition on 16th March 2018
  • “Amigo Fiesta'17” – An Eve for Fresher’s, Welcome party for juniors on 11 August 2017.
  • “Amigo Fiesta'14” – An Eve for Fresher’s, Welcome party for juniors on 27th Sept 2014.
  •  “Rhythm’14” – Song Competition was organized on 11th, 14th 15th Oct and 7th Nov 2014.
  •  “CPL-5” - Cricket match [Boys / Girls] was organized from 9th to 16th Feb 2015.
  • “Toodle Doo.. 2015” – Farewell Party was organized on 18th April 2015.




Seventh Semester
Controlling of electronic appliances using MIND WAVE sensors
This project controls electrical loads by making use of brain waves. The proposed system is used to control electrical loads based on the Brain Wave input signal received from the Sensor. It becomes difficult to keep operating electrical switches manually each time by elderly and handicapped people. This system solves the issue by interfacing a unit with home appliances that switches these loads based on the input received from Brain.

Visible light communication application of Light Fidelity (LIFI).
LiFi is transmission of data through illumination by taking the fiber out of fiber optics by sending data through a LED light bulb that varies in intensity faster than the human eye can follow. Li-Fi is the term some have used to label the fast and cheap wireless communication system, which is the optical version of Wi-Fi. The term was first used in this context by Harald Haas in his TED Global talk on Visible Light Communication. 

Advanced Automatic Maintenance reminder for diesel Engine
This project will prove to be a n useful piece of equipment in order to carry out breakdown preventive maintenance. Periodic preventive maintenance cannot be done without keeping a watch on to the running hours of the engine. this can only be achieved by using a real-time clock into the circuit, which can keep the account of engine running .

Design & synthesis of 16 bit BIST for adder circuit
The main aim of this project among various testing methodologies, Built-in Self Test (BIST) is recognized as a low cost, effective paradigm. Also, full adders are one of the basic building blocks of most arithmetic circuits in all processing units. In this project, an optimized testable 2- bit full adder as a test building block is proposed. Then, a BIST procedure is introduced to scale up the building block and to generate a self testable n-bit full adders.


Innovations in mobile and electronic healthcare are revolutionizing the involvement of both doctors and patients in the modern healthcare system by extending the capabilities of physiological monitoring devices. This is an automatic device which can measure height, weight and Body temperature etc.. It can record this data and transfer it to remote destination.

This project controls electrical loads by making use of an android application. The proposed system is used to control electrical loads based on the Bluetooth input signal received from the android device. It becomes difficult to keep operating electrical switches manually each time by elderly and handicapped people.This system solves the issue by interfacing a unit with home appliances that switches these loads based on the input received from android device.
The android device may be any android based phone or tab having an android OS. The app also provided an effective GUI for providing this functionality.

An automatic fire alarm system is designed to detect the unwanted presence of fire by monitoring environmental changes associated with combustion. In general, a fire alarm system is either classified as automatic, manually activated, or both. Automatic fire alarm systems can be used to notify people to evacuate in the event of a fire or other emergency, to summon emergency services, and to prepare the structure and associated systems to control the spread of fire and smoke.

The main aim of this project is that it saves energy by putting on the lights of the system only when the system detects movement of vehicle. The system switches on the street light ahead of the vehicle and switches off the trailing lights simultaneously. In order to detect movement of vehicles, sensors are used. The system automatically puts on the lights that are ahead of the vehicle detected and as soon as the vehicle moves ahead, the trailing lights are switched off.

2014 - 2015


ZIGBEE based Prepaid Energy Meter
In this project a new advanced technology zigbee is implemented. In prepaid energy meter, the meter becomes an innovative solution for the cost utilities and in this system the users should pay before the use, the main objective of this project is to provide an energy meter that generate pulses in accordance with the varying load this can be used for tariff calculations and it is also known as smart card energy meter, now a days the measurement of electrical energy and billing according with the usage.

Implementation of Fast Adder.
Fast adders are digital systems which can perform fast addition as compared to general adders. In these projects adders are designed using VHDL languages and their behavior is studied with performance.

ZIGBEE based bank locker Automation
Zigbee based bank locker automation is wireless security system. By using Zigbee we can design any type of wireless system like home   security   system, wireless meter reading. In earlier days there were various type of key locking or padlocking facility were available. Key locking option include flush locks, lock incorporated into a rotating handle.  In this project we will design a locker which has two soft keys and one hard key.  Objective of the project is to convert manual bank locking system into modern digital locking system.   This technique is based on wireless technology by which the bank locker is   secured with two different soft keys and one hard key.   The bank locker will be electronically open when manager enter his soft key via wireless and also user enter his secrete soft key , Then after user will open his locker using hard key.

Smart electronic blind sticks
This project presents a theoretical model and a system concept to provide a smart electronic aid for blind people. This method is proposed to design an intelligent device which alerts the person on occurrence of obstacles based on distance between the person and the obstacle. Here, this intelligent device not only alerts but also traces the location of the person and informs the current position of the person to his/her relatives. The goal of the project is to develop navigational assistance technology for the blind or visually impaired Specially, it is to develop a portable Electronic Travel Aid (ETA) for visually impaired users, along with the accompanying location identification.

Implementation of 5-Story lift System
Controller has been made to operate the lift for 5 stories and operate according to the available slots. VLDL code has been written and simulation has been done.

2013 - 2014


GPS Based synchronized clock system with automatic Reset Wireless Clock System
Time updates using the standard Network Time Protocol (NTP) and/or optional Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) provides the master clock(s) with constant time updates. All clocks in the system will not only display the same time, but the true legal time. Any combination of clock shapes, style or size may be synchronized. Each master clock may be configured for a variety of time zone

User Authentication using color and data Security Using Armstrong Numbers in WSN network
Data security plays an important role where confidentiality, authentication, integrity, non repudiation are given importance. A Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) consisting of a large number of tiny sensors can be an effective tool for gathering data in diverse kinds of environments. The data collected by each sensor node is communicated to the base station, which forwards the data to the end user. In wireless sensor network data security plays an important role where confidentiality, authentication, integrity and non repudiation are given importance.

VLSI Progressive Coding For Wavelet-Based Image Compression
Internet bandwidth is estimated to be used for images and video. Recent multimedia applications for handheld and portable devices place a limit on the available wireless bandwidth. Image compression has a lot more to offer than conventional methods in terms of compression ratio. In this project wavelet implementations of compression has been done.

Speed Violation Detection System Using FPGA
A system for automatically capturing an image of a moving vehicle and recording data parameters, such as date, time, and speed is detected in image. This is done by FPGA controller

Solar Powered Led Street Light with Auto Intensity Control

This solar energy is mainly useful in solar street lighting etc. Solar Powered Led Street Light with Auto Intensity ControlSolar energy is nothing but the radiant energy emitted by sun. We may convert this solar energy into electricity either directly using photo voltaic (PV).In this project automatic controlling of light will be done using sensors.

2012 - 2013


Microcontroller Based Electronics Component Tester :
In this Project Components tester can be used to check the electronic components such us Diode, Transistor, Capacitor and Continuity. The whole circuit is controlled by the Microcontroller. The circuit has an LCD display it is used to display the Text messages over it. The system displays the conditions of the device on the LCD display.
The Microcontroller used in this project is an 8 bit microcontroller it has a program memory of 8 Kilobytes. The microcontroller will check the output and display it over the LCD.

Agriculture Robot
Agricultural Robots or AGRIBOT is a ROBOT deployed for agricultural purposes. The main area of application of robots in agriculture today is at the harvesting stage. In this project Robot is made for driverless tractor and controlled seed sowing. It is designed to replace human labor. Robots can be used for other horticultural tasks such as pruning, weeding, spraying and monitoring. Robots like these have many benefits for the agricultural industry, including a higher quality of fresh produce, lower production costs, and a smaller need for manual labor.

Secure Wireless Data Communication
This project is used to communicate or transmit a text message from one place to another place through wireless. The text message is encrypted by using the Microcontroller and the encrypted message was transmitted through wireless. At the receiver end the signal is received by the standard receiver and it is decrypted by the Microcontroller then the message is displayed over the LCD display.

Automatic Attendance System Using Sound Recognition
In this project student’s attendance is recorded through voice recognition system principle voice recorded through mice and processed using MATLAB software. It removes the manual type entry. Handy and fast

Object Sorting
In this project the robot can recognize the objects of two color viz. black and white , A camera is used to capture the image of object and MATLAB program processes the image and identifies the object .

2010 - 2011


Head Controlled Mouse: Head Mouse replaces the standard computer mouse for people who cannot use or have limited use of their hands when controlling a computer or augmentative communication device. The Head Mouse translates natural movements of a user's head into directly proportional movements of the computer mouse pointer.

Propeller Display based on Microcontroller: It is a Microcontroller base display using 8 LED which is fixed on the rotating propeller mounted on a dc motor. The rate of data transfer is controlled by three M/c. Display can be changed according to the programming.

E- Ticket Checking System: It is a compact system made to ease the Ticket checking process for railway ticket checkers. In this system all the necessary information is provided in the system so instead of checking from the  charts machine will checks itself by PNR and it will display all relevant data thus making the whole proceed easy and faster.

Wireless Heart Rate Meter: It is a wireless Heart monitoring system. It measure the heart parameters and make decision if found any abnormally and send it to Local Hospital or Doctor hence saves the patient’s life in case of any emergency.

ARM based PLC for Washing Machine: It is ARM based controller which is devised to provide command and control Spin of Washing machine according to the programmer or user. ARM is low power operated and hence saves the power and Size of the system is also very small.

Hand Gesture Recognition Using Neural Network: Hand Gestures are recognized by the computer and it can be programmed to do certain task. This method can be used to make communication systems for deaf and dumb persons. This programmed in the MATLAB and NN is deployed for Intelligence recognition.


S. No. Date Name of Activity
1. 16th March, 2018
Innovation 2018 Innov. Gallary
2. 7’th February,2018 Visit to “DEVBHOG”


S. No. Date Name of Activity
1 11August-2017 Report on Fresher’s Party (Amigo Fiesta 2017)
2. 18th January 2017 to 22nd January 2017 CPL 7 CPL Gallary


S. No. Date Name of Activity
1. 29th September, 2016 Industrial Visit at Chhattisgarh Science Centre, Raipur more >>>>
2. 6th August 2016 Amigo Fiesta 16 more >>>>
3.  April 2016 Toodle Doo 2016 more >>>>
4. 15’th March, 2016 Industrial visit to Doordarshan Kendra more >>>>
5. 22nd January 2016 to 25th January 2016
CPL - 6
more >>>>


S. No. Date Name of Activity
1. 26thSeptember 2015 Rhythm'15 more >>>>
2 18th April 2015 “Toodle Doo.. 2015” – Farewell Party
3 9th to 16th Feb 2015 “CPL-5” - Cricket match [Boys / Girls] more >>>>
4 9th August 2015 Amigo Fiesta 15 more >>>>


S. No. Date Name of Activity Number of Participants
 1 7th Nov 2014 “Rhythm’14” – Song Competition  
 2 27th Sept 2014 “Amigo Fiesta'14” – An Eve for Fresher’s, Welcome party for juniors  
3 2nd March, 2014 Industrial visit to Doordarshan Kendra (Prasar bharti); Raipur Chhattisgarh 55
4 9th February, 2014 Industrial visit to All India Radio (AIR), Raipur Chhattisgarh ( 4th & 5th Semester) 77
5 30 - 31st January, 2014 INDUSTRIAL VISIT  TO BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED (BSNL); BHILAI 100 (6th Semester)


S. No. Date Name of Activity Number of Participants
1 19th-20th Oct. 2013 Two days Workshop on FPGA more >>>>
2 25th March 2013. “Toodle Do”, farewell to seniors more >>>>
3 14th March 2013. “Techpatra’ 13”, a National Level Presentation  
4 13th Feb 2013 Guest lecture on “Positive Attitude”  
5 8th Feb 2013 Industrial Visit to “Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) Sector-1”  
6 20th Jan 2013 Industrial Visit to “Chhattisgarh Science Centre, Raipur”  
7 14th Jan 2013 “Comet Premiere League’13” from 14th Jan to 21st Jan 2013  


S. No. Date Name of Activity Number of Participants
1 4th Oct 2012 Industrial visit to “All India Radio” 5th semester students
2 6th Oct 2012 Guest lecture on “Primary Treatment to Preserve Life”  
3 30th September “Amigo Fiesta’ 12”, a welcome to juniors  >>>>>more
4 8th Sept. 2012 Guest lecture on “Road Traffic Rules & Safety Measures”  
5 15th Aug 2012 "Prayas’12" -visit at deaf and dump school  
6 15th Aug 2012 Students visited “Old Age Home” on 15th Aug 2012 and performed various cultural activities.  


S. No. Date Name of Activity Number of Participants
1. 20th-26th January Inter Branch Cricket Tournament,"COMET-CUP'11" 600
2. 26th January Friendly Cricket Match, Teaching Vs Management Staff 50
3. 30th July Visit to Old Age Home 140
4. 15th August Visit to Deaf & Dumb School, "PRAYAS" 150
5. 3rd September Musical Instrument Playing Talent Hunt, “RHYTHM” 50


S. No. Date Name of Activity Number of Participants
1. 28th Jan-04th Feb Mock GATE 80
2. 15th August Visit at Deaf & Dumb School, "PRAYAS" 150
3. 5th September Teacher's Day Celebration 225
4. 9th October "TECHPATRA'10", National Level Technical Paper Presentation 150


S. No. Date Name of Activity Number of Participants
1. 25th July Guest Lecture on Computer Networks 120
2. 15th August Visit at Deaf & Dumb School, "PRAYAS" 120
3. 5th September Teacher's Day Celebration 200
4. 10th October National Level Technical Paper Presentation,"TECHPATRA'09" 80
5 18th September Instrument Playing Competition, Talent Hunt, "RHYTHM" 30
Date Duration Topic of the Guest Lecture Name of the Speaker No. of the Students
03-01-2018 How to step up in the future to achieve your Goals/Target. Ms. Neha  Chawla more >>>>
11.08.16 Basics of Digital Image Processing and its Applications Dr. Bikesh Kumar Singh, Assistant Professor & Head, Department of Biomedical Engineering, NIT, Raipur ETC-3’rd, 5’th and 7’th Sem. more >>>>
04.02.16 Mobile Communication & 4G Technology Mr. Navneet Jha JTO, BSNL, Durg 150 more >>>>
29.01.16 How to face Interview Mr. Ankush Agrawal Application Developer, Service Now, Hyderabad 250
02.09.15 Importance of Higher Education for engineering Graduates Mr. Praveen Kumar Chandru Faculty, TIMES, Hyderabad 150 more>>>>
21.03.13 Career Opportunities in department of Atomic Energy (DAE) Dr. Archana Sharma & Mrs. Chandraprabha Dewangan BARC, Mumbai 400 more >>>>
13.02.13 Positive Attitude Mr. Basant Bhai
Co-ordinator, Prajapita Brahma, Kumari Isnwariya Vishwa Vidhylaya, Sector – 7 Bhilai
3rd Oct'12   Stress Management Mr. S. R. Bhattacharjee, AGM, Bhilai Steel Plant   more >>>>>
5th Oct'12   Primary treatment to preserve life Dr. Ashok Tripathi   more >>>>>
8th September, 2012   Rules of Traffic on road

Mr. C. Dinkar

Traffic Education Instructor from Traffic  Awareness Training Academy, Police control Room, Sector 6- Bhilai,

120 more >>>>>
4 Febuary 2011 1.3hrs Power of Positive Attitude Ms.Rupali  Behen ji & Mr. Yuvratna Bhai ji 206 BE_4 & 6TH_A_B
14  September 2011 2hrs Secretes of Success Mr. Gopa Vrinda Pala Dasa,Vyoma Pada Dasa 211 BE_5TH & 7TH_A_B
16 September 2011 2hrs Stress Management Mr. S.R.Bhattacharya 302 BE_3RD ,5TH  & 7TH_A_B
14 August 2010 1.3hrs Art of Living Mr. Milin Gupta 205 BE_5 & 7TH_A_B
9 March 2010 1.3hrs Health, Hygiene & Yoga Dr. S.N.Ahuja 103 BE_4TH_A_B

Industrial Visits:

Date Name of the organization Number of the Students attended
13.04.15 BARC, Mumbai 42
11.04.15 Doordarshan Kendra Raipur 50
22.11.14 BSNL, Meseum Sector – 1 Bhilai 62
16 January 2010 All India Radio (Prasar bharti); Raipur 112
08 August 2010 Doordarshan Kendra (Prasar bharti); Raipur 132
7 March 2010 Doordarshan Kendra (Prasar bharti); Raipur 132

Dr. Amit Agrawal
Professor & HOD
[Dept of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering]
M.E. [Microwave Engineering], Ph. D [RDVV, Jabalpur]
Specialization: Robotic Communication

Experience: 18 Years
[Industry, Teaching & Research]

Contact No. : 0788-2625302 (off) ,

Name : Er. Urmila S. Soni
Designation : Associate Professor
Areas of interest  : Wireless Comm., Linear Integrated Ckts, VLSI, Automation Inst, Power Elex.
E-mail : urmilasoni [at]
Contact No. : 0788-2625302 (off) ,
Name : Er. Om Prakash Yadav
Designation:Associate Professor
Areas of interest: Signal Processing , Optimization
Email : opyadav [at]
Contact No. : 0788-2625302 (off) ,
  Name : Er. Raj Kumar Sahu
Designation  : Associate Professor
Areas of interest  : Digital Signal Processing
E-mail : rajkumarsahu [at]
Contact No. : 0788-2625302 (off) ,
Name : Er. Deepak Sharma
Designation : Associate Professor
Areas of interest : Advanced Embedded Systems, Optical wireless Communication
E-mail : deepaksharma [at]
Contact No. : 0788-2625302 (off) ,
Name : Er. Yojana Yadav
Designation : Associate Professor
Areas of interest : Cryptography & Network Security, Analog & Digital Communication
E-mail : yojanayadav [at]
Contact No. : 0788-2625302 (off) ,
Name : Er. Rahul Sinha 
Designation  : Assistant Professor
Areas of interest  : VHDL, VERILOG, VLSI
E-mail : rahulsinha [at]
Contact No. : 0788-2625302 (off) ,
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