Dahi Handi

On the occasion of Lord Krishna’s birth, Association of computer engineers have organized Dahi handi and Matki fod competition on 31st august 2013.Both the events started at 2:00 pm and run in parallel.  The events begin with the worship of lord Krishna. The lamp lightening was done by Dr. Anurag  Verma (Director, CSIT),Dr.Mahesh P.(Principal, CSIT),Mr.Rajeev Nair(Public relation coordinator, CSIT),Mr.Rajesh Verma(Registrar, CSIT), Mr.Om Prakash Yadav(HOD, CSE). Mr. Santosh Sharma (HOD, Mechanical) and all the faculties of computer science & engineering department and other departments gave there valuable presence.

This event  is divided into two sub events, Matki fod competition for girls and The game of team unity(Dahi Handi) for boys.Around 50 girls have participated in matki fod competition and 10 girls Re-registered themselves. Ms. Aakanksha Tripathi and Ms. Anshita Verma attracted the audience and the participants with her funny commentary, Ms. Surbhi Bothra, Ms. Pragya Pandey, Ms. Rashmi Bharti, Ms. Soumya Verma, Ms. Praneeta Shrivastava, Ms. Harleen Kaur Ghai, Ms.Gamini Bhoi, Ms. Shabdita Sahu, Ms. Kirti Verma, Ms. Toshi chandrakar, Ms. Nikita Suncheti, Ms.Chandrakanta Dewangan, Ms. Shagufta Memon, Ms. Abhilasha Thakur Guided the participants, announced the rules of the game and helped in organizing the events successfully. Ms. Surbhi Bothra was the first participant of the game and broke 3 pots in 1 min 45 sec. Our faculties Ms. Sachi Chaudhary, Mrs. Manjusha Singh, Ms. Aradhana Singh and Ms. Aakanksha Dixit also played this game and encouraged the participants. The winner of this game was Ms. Neha Patel (CSE, 3rd sem) she broke 3 pots in 45 sec. The cash prize of this game was Rs.301.


On the other hand the game of team unity also started with lots of excitements, fun and enjoyment. This event attracted the crowd because of DJ and the attractive matki which was hanging on the rope on the height of 20 feet.13 teams participated in this competition, each team contains 15-20 members. All the teams have very interesting names like Bechare Zamin Par, Makhan Chor, Mechanical Ala Re, 1st year Rockers, Yaduvanshi Group etc. Teams of this event concentrated on their enjoyment rather than winning the game, they also don’t care a lot about their muddy dresses, small cuts and wounds as they enjoyed falling in muddy water. Volunteers Anurag Alone, Anjan Kumar, Nikhil Yadav, Gaurav Singh, Amar Verma, Shubhankit Dhir,Prateek Chandrakar and Pratik Deshpande  also enjoyed throwing colored water on the team and dancing in DJ. Ankit Tiwari, Sports Head of ACE done the interesting Commentary, Bhanu Pratap Bhaskar took care of the time, Ashish Tripathi handled the Judgement Sheet, Subhanshu Pandey took care of all the Registration and Re-Registrations. Pushpendra Sarwa, President of ACE guided all the Volunteers in organizing the event successfully. Participants not able to break the Dahi Handi in first Attempt as the competition was very tough.1st Year rockers Re-registered them self and broke the matki. The winner of this event was the team 1st Year Rockers. The cash Prize of Rs. 1001 was given to the captain of the winning team by
 Mr.Om Prakash Yadav, HOD CSE.

Audience also enjoyed a lot, since they stayed till the end of the event. The competition finished at 5:00pm successfully. This event was organized well and good under the guidance of Mr. Sanjay Baghel and also under decorum of Association members and CSE Department.

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