Communication Skills and Team Building

The Computer Science Department have organized a Guest Lecture on 18/01/2016 at Sir Visvesvaraya Hall. The Guest Lecturer for the event was Mr. A. V. Kamlakar, General Manager(Rail and Structural Mill), Bhilai Steel Plant, Steel Authority of India Ltd. Mr. A. V. Kamlakar is a B.E in Metallurgy. He has been awarded as the Eminent Engineer of the year By Bhilai Steel Plant by Jawaharlal Nehru Award. The main aim of this Guest lecture was to motivate the students about “Communication Skills and Team Building”.

The event started at 12noon at the Sir Visvesvaraya Hall. The event started with the welcoming of our guest. The students of 4th semester, CSE Deptt attended the Lecture. Around 70 students were present The Guest started his lecture by giving an introduction of himself, telling about his work, his experience in his field. He first interacted with the students with general discussion about what are their plans about future like job or further studies.

He started his session by telling us the key points to success. To get a good job and to have success we need to have a good communication skills and leadership quality.

He told the advantages of having these two, he also gave tips to achieve these goals like they should start working on their communication by talking to their about general things, like to work in a team to for a work to make it a successful one that would develop their team spirit. 

In the whole session he gave students the motivation to have these skills to see themselves as it is very beneficial for them. To have a good team spirit and to do a good team work is also an essential part in any field. He also showed certain videos to the students regarding moral values, team work, leadership qualities and also about having good communication as well as listening skills.

The students were very happy after getting a good session. The session ended at 1:30pm.At the end Mrs Deepty Dubey, H.O.D, Computer Science and Engg Deptt. honoured the guest by presenting a memento as vote of respect and vote of thanks was presented by Mrs Manjusha Singh,Asst Prof, CSE Deptt.

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