On 9th August 2015 at Chhatrapati Shivaji Institute of Technology, Durg, Students of 5th semester of Electronics And Telecommunication Engineering Department organized a sumptuous freshers’ welcome party AMIGO-FIESTA-15 for the 3rd semester students. The very purpose of the fresher’s party is to make each “fresher” feel like an integral part of the family of ETC Department and readies them to take on challenge of the year ahead, avoid social evils, to encourage their creative impulse and to boost their confidence. The event was an indication of union among the students. Being a part of the fresher’s made us feel the magic of unity and togetherness.
The party was organized at Shahid Memorial Hall . The chief guest of the event  was Mr. Ajay P. Verma, Chairman, Dr. Anurag Verma, Director, Dr. N.T. Khobragade, Dean and Dr. Mahesh P., Principal, CSIT, Durg. The party manifested youth and enthusiasm was at its full flow. With pulsating ambience, flashing lights and foot tapping music, the party began with a blast at 10:10 AM.
At 10:15 AM the dignitaries were welcomed and the program kick-started with the lightening of ceremonial lamp by the dignitaries. In the address of Dr. Anurag Verma Sir, the students of 5th sem. were praised for organizing the event. Dean Sir, also praised the students of 5th semester for organizing such a worthy event. In their speech, they also mentioned the advantages of such co-curricular activities for the overall development of students.
The other guests for the event were Dr. Amit Agrawal, Professor and Head, Department of Electronics And Telecommunication Engineering, the HODs of Various departments and the faculties of ETC department.
The event was further moved by a dazzling songs and dance performences by Ashish Mishra,  and Vaishali Mund( ETC 5th semester) Lively  interaction of seniors with juniors on stage followed by interesting task performed by 3rd semester students. All the participants were well dressed, conforming to the dress code and ready to perform. The juniors put up various performances like dancing and singing and all the juniors enjoyed and had a great time. The first round of the game was the ‘Boogie Boogie round’ where the selected juniors had to perform the game and judged by seniors. The party ended at 3pm.

Adding fun, games like interaction round were also organized.  And also the favorite  song sung by 5th and 3rd semester students. The judges for the games were few of the 5th semester students and the judgment was based on performing style and speed of the participant. The results were finally declared after their performance. Seniors had given out various gifts and prizes for the winners.
This year, under the guidance of Dr. Amit Agrawal professor and Head, ETC department special gifts were arranged for 3rd semester students. At the end of the program, the title for the Mr. Fresher, Ms. Fresher was awarded. Title of Mr. Fresher was awarded to Ameen Bari and Ms. Fresher was awarded to Rashika Khandelwal.
The program concluded with the vote of thanks and everyone enjoyed the celebration. 3rd semester, students thanked the HOD, staff and senior students for hosting such a nice program that they could cherish these moments lifelong.

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