All India Radio Visit 2014

An Industrial visit to All India Radio (AIR), Raipur Chhattisgarh was organized by Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engg., CSIT Durg on 9th February, 2014. Total 77 students of 4th Semester & 5 faculties of the Department attended the same. The purpose of this visit was to develop interest  among the students and  to enhance their practical knowledge towards Communication Technology. This visit was arranged by Mr. Maheedhar Dubey (Sr. Assistant Professor, Electronics and Telecommunication Engg. Deptt.)  & Co-ordinated by Ms. Anita Devi Tiwari (Assistant Professor, Electronics and Telecommunication Engg. Deptt.)  and  Ms. Priyanka Khatwani (Assistant Professor, Electronics and Telecommunication Engg. Deptt.), Mr. Ajay Kumar Roy (Assistant  Professor, Electronics and Telecommunication Engg. Deptt.) & Mr. Ramesh Yadav (Assistant  Professor, Electronics and Telecommunication Engg. Deptt.)  under the supervision of  Mr. Mangal Singh (Professor & Head, Electronics and Telecommunication Engg. Deptt.)

At the venue we were taken around and were given information about the various aspects of Satellite communication, reception & transmission of signals; terrestrial & satellite transmission, microwave communication etc.

Mr. A. Lakra (Assistant Engineer) All India Radio (Prasar bharti); Raipur explained us how transmission takes place, which was very fascinating. Student learned about many concepts which are there in their current semesters also like   Pre Fedar Listening (PFL), ISDN Line, switching console & recording console, parabolic antennas, various types of signals & frequency bands; Audio  Modulation, fading of the signal, dedicated modules, Transmitter & Receiver, uplink & downlink frequency, Line of sight, analog & digital signal, resonance, microwave communication, waveguide, multiplexing, RF, digital encoding, quantization, noise, earth station, power supply, signal transmission, and many more such devices and principles about which we will study in current semesters as various subjects. In All India Radio (Prasar bharti), we visited the entire studio like control room, music studio, playback studio, talks studio, Transmitter Section, recording room, Earth Station; etc.
All the students highly enjoyed their entire visit. It was an amazing experience of fun & learning, which we all have memorable reminiscences.
Last but not the least; the trip was exceptionally good & knowledgeable for all of us. We look forward to make such visits in future too as technical visits gives practical and better understanding of subjects to students and update their knowledge. We thanks our CSIT management & E&Tc. Deptt.  for giving such a wonderful opportunity.

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