ANCHORONICA’15  is an anchoring based event organized by the ASSOCIATION OF COMPUTER ENGINEERS (ACE) along with RHYTHM’15 on 23rd,24th and 26th Sept 2015.

It was organized to nurture the anchoring talent of students. Students from different branch & semester participated in the event. They were judged by our eminent faculties Dr.(Mrs) Renu Tripathi, Dr. C.S. Sharma, Prof. Mangal Singh, Prof. Santosh Kumar Sharma. It was a 3 day event, on which 23rd and 24th were the audition round and the finals was held on 26th September 2015, at the Basketball Court.
    Day 1 “23 Sept 2015”
    The event started at 3:00 pm on 23rd sept 2015,by lightening of lamp by our Chief Guest Principal Dr. Mahesh P and Dean(Academics) Dr. N.T. Khobragade and H.O.D’s of different departments. Bouquets were presented to welcome our Chief Guest Principal Dr. Mahesh P and Dean(Academics) Dr. N.T. Khobragade, Our Judges Dr. Renu Tripathi, Dr. C.S. Sharma, Prof. Mangal Singh, Prof. Santosh Kumar Sharma and also to H.O.D’s of different departments by Aayushi Gangal, Deeksha Shirke, Priya soni.
    Association In-charges of both the departments introduced their event to all Dignitaries, Judges, H.O.D’, all the faculties and students present over there.
    The event started by the first participant of ANCHORONICA’15 Abhijeet Devnath and Pragya Pandey from 7th sem ETC. They presented themselves in a very beautiful way in front of our judges. All participants of the ANCHORONICA’15 were given slots for their appearance one by one. One of the contestants of RHYTHM’15 in their slot Bala Shri from 7th sem performed on the song “Zara zara behekta hai”. She sang it very beautifully. All the participants were looking prepared and excited for the event. Next anchors were Pranjal Pandey and Arsh Sharma, C.Sindhuja from  3rd sem CSE performed on the song “Moh Moh ke dhaage”, Priti Mehta from 3rd sem CSE performed on “Hasi ban gye”. Next anchors were Tabinda Hayat and Monika verma, show case

    their anchoring talent. Next anchors were Lovely Ranjan and Kajal Sharma. The event ended at 6:30pm.

Day 2: 24th sept 2015

The program started at 3:00 pm at the Basketball court. In the start of the event our Judges shared their views and encouraged the participants by giving them best wishes.
The first participant for the day of ANCHORONICA’15 were Amit Jaiswal and Manish Mandari. They presented themselves in their own way and impressed our judges by their jokes, shayri and their sense of humour. First participant in their slot was Swapnil Shukla. He sang the song “Man mera”. One of the pass out senior of CSIT “Rajat Agrahari” also took part in RHYTHM’15 and sang a beautiful song “Tu jane na”.
Second participants were Faizal Husssain and Vikas started their performance by calling the contestant Prashant Pandey from 5th sem played Tabla. Our judges and audience were very impressed by his performance. Priya Dubey & Harshita Verma our next participant for ANCHORONICA’15 from 3rd sem presented themselves, C.Sinduja and Priti Mehta contestant of RHYTM’15 from 3rd sem CSE performed on the song “Dhunki”, Avijeet Raman performed on the song “Dil samhal ja zara” and Rishabh from 3rd sem played Guitar vey beautifully. Our next contestant for the event were Reema Banchor and Nayanjyoti Sahu, they presented themselves in the best way they can. In their slot one of the contestant of  RHYTHM, Avinash Dewangan from 7th sem  CSE played Giutar and sang a song “Meri  pehli Mohabbat” which everyone liked.
Like this total 18 contestant of “Anchoronica 15” shown their talent in Anchoring for two day of Auditions.
Next day morning that is on 25th of sept  judges declare the list of finalist. There were total 6 team selected for final round. Students who are in the finals are informed by facebook post , whatsapp and also  by calling.

Final Day: 26th sept 2015
The event started at 2:00pm by Lamp lightening ceremony by our judges Dr. Amit Agarwal, Dr. C.S. Sharma, Prof. Mangal Singh, Prof. Santosh Kumar Sharma. First performance is by band Blue Ballad started the event RHYTHM’15 & ANCHORONICA’15. First pair of Anchors Pranjal Sharma and Arsh Sharma initiated the event and called the first contestant of RHYTHM , Vivek Kumar from Mechatronics, 7th sem who sang a song “ Aaja meri jaan ”. After this performance Mr Rajeev Nair (CRM) and Mr. Rajesh Verma (Registrar) joined the audience. Second contestant for RHYTHM was Harsh Pandwar from 7th sem Mex. Who Played flute on Titanic theme song. Third contestant was Neeraj Sen who sang the song “Mere sapno ki rani”  that mesmerized everyone. New pair of Anchors Priya Dubey and Harshita Verma took over the stage with sudden hindi lines called up the next RHYTHM contestant Harun Rashid Khanfrom 5th sem ETC performed by playing Guitar on song “Main ho hero tera” and ”Me tenu samjahava”, Anchors showed their flawless skills of oration calling the next participant Sandeep Dey who sang a song “Abhi mujhme kahi”.Priya and Harshita spoke a lot about friendship and then called Honey Jaiswal and Kamlesh Soni,they performed on the song “Zara si dil me de jagah tu”.
Next pair of Anchors Pragya Pandit and Tabinda Hayat made a hilarious entry  called Asif and Denter graduated from CSIT, Asif  from his singing and Denter through his rapping entertained the audience.


Like this all 6 finalist of “Anchoroina 15” performed for total 14 contestant of RHYTHM Solo song, 3 contestant of Duet Song and 4 contestants of Instrumentals.

The event ended by the prize distribution ceremony, winners for ANCHORONICA’15 were Pankaj Shukla and Jagdish Chaudary from Mechatronics final year. Runner up was given to Tabinda Hayat  3rd sem CSE and Pragya Pandey 7th Sem ETC. Trophy to both winners was given by HOD Sir of CSE Department.

Winner for RHYTHM’15  solo song were Sandeep Dey(5th sem Mechanical) got first prize,2nd prize was given to Aparna Sen(IT 5th sem) and 3rd prize was given to Shasikant Pandey(Etc 7th sem).
In duet category, winner were Harsh Pandwar(ETC 7th sem) and Aparna Sen(IT 5th sem),and in the Instrument playing category, first prize was given to Prashant Pandey for Casio and 2nd prize was also given to Prashant Pandey for Tabla. 

President                                   Secretary            Association In Charge   

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